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Pensioner members of the LGPS

Information for LGPS pensioners and registration guide for My Oxfordshire Pension.

My Oxfordshire Pension

The online member self-service link to your pension details   

Do you have the activation key? 

Register for My Oxfordshire Pension with your activation key

  1. Go to
  2. You can find the login button in the top righthand corner.
  3. Find and click on  ‘complete your registration’
  4. You should be on page ‘Activate your account’
  5. Complete your details - use your activation key
  6. Create your own log in credentials  
  7. Click register

You should now see your pension details         

We have set up special contact details if you have any questions

Annual Pension review 2017

The pensions increase from 10 April 2017 for those eligible for the full increase is 1 per cent.

Changes of personal details

You need to contact us when you change your personal details, including your address, bank details or marital status.

Alternatively, register for the My Oxfordshire Pension where you will be able to login and keep your records up to date with your new address or payment changes.

If you forget to inform us of any change and your old bank returns your pension or your pension advice slip is sent back, we will suspend payment of your pension until you confirm your new address and bank account details.

If you retire abroad, the Oxfordshire Pension Fund may be able to pay your pension using Western Union to arrange payment in the local currency. Contact Pension Services to find out about these arrangements.

Pension payments

We will pay your monthly pension to your bank account on the last banking day of each month. Pay dates are:


  • Friday 29 December  


  • Wednesday 31 January
  • Wednesday 28 February
  • Thursday 29 March
  • Monday 30 April
  • Thursday 31 May
  • Friday 29 June
  • Tuesday 31 July
  • Friday 31 August
  • Friday 28 September
  • Wednesday 31 October
  • Friday 30 November
  • Monday 31 December   

Pension payments and payslips

We continue to post out to home addresses  a pension pay/advice slip if your pension payment to the bank differs by more than £1 when compared to the previous month.  If you register for My Oxfordshire Pension you can see a ‘payslip’ every month.

Pensioner's annual newsletter

We send a newsletter to all our pensioners every year. Along with general information about your pension the newsletter carries details about any cost of living adjustment that may be due to the pension. 

Returning to work

If you decide to return to work, you must inform us as soon as possible. The Oxfordshire Pension Fund or your previous employer may need to make an adjustment to your pension.

We have the discretion to make adjustments to your pension if you start another job. The Pension Fund has to formulate, publish and review a policy confirming how they will adjust a member’s pension if they become employed again. The Pension Fund current policy deems they will not adjust any pension where the new employment started after 1 January 2011.

The LGPS2014 does not restrict earnings for retirees if they obtain further employment. 

However if we pay you a Compensatory Pension with your LGPS pension, it is your former employer who decides if your compensatory pension needs adjusting. They too should have a policy which they publish and review regularly.

If you are receiving a short term ill health pension (Tier three ) you must contact your former employer when you take any other employment. Your continued entitlement to the pension is dependent on the employer’s assessment of your ability to take on any ‘gainful employment’ work.

Have a question about your tax?

Your annual pension is a taxable income. We will deduct tax based on your tax code Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) send to us. If HMRC have not yet sent a tax code, we will use an interim code.

If you have any questions about your income tax, please do not contact Pension Services. You should contact the tax office direct.

Residents in Scotland will be under Scottish taxation from April 2016. 

National Fraud Initiative

Fair processing notice

Every two years our pensioner payroll is matched with secure national computer systems to check payments are only going to eligible pensioners. The Cabinet Office currently requires us to participate in its anti-fraud initiative. For this initiative, we provide details of pensioners so that they can be compared to information provided by other public bodies. This will ensure, for example, that no pensions are being paid to persons who are deceased or no longer entitled, and that pension income is being declared in housing benefit applications. Sometimes wrong payments are made because of a genuine error. Nationally, previous exercises have uncovered instances of pensioners receiving too little pension, resulting in an increased payment to pensioners. These exercises, therefore, help promote the best use of public funds.

This is our formal notice to you about this regular process, you do not need to contact us about it. We may contact you again in the future if the exercise suggests you are not receiving the correct amount of pension. If you have questions about this exercise you can read more. Alternatively contact us at Pension Services using the link at the top of this page.  

Please ensure you provide sufficient information to enable a reply if you use the email in Contact us.

Last reviewed
08 January 2018
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