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30 Hours Early Education Funding – validating codes

Published 16 June 2017

From September 2017, many working parents of three and four-year-olds in Oxfordshire will be eligible for the extended childcare entitlement (up to 30 hours funding per week; 1,140 hours per year). The HMRC website that parents can use to check eligibility for the 30 hours funding went live on Friday 21 April 2017. Therefore, parents who have children who are 3 years old on 31 August 2017 are now able to apply online for 30 Hours Free Childcare and book their childcare place for September 2017 (4 years who are not in a school reception class could also qualify for the extended entitlement).

Checking eligibility

Parents can check their eligibility for the funding through HMRC’s Childcare Choices website. It is worth noting before they start that both parents (unless a lone parent) will need:

  • National Insurance number
  • if they're self-employed, their Unique Taxpayer Reference
  • the date they started, or are due to start work
  • details of any other government support they get

To register an account, a parent also needs a copy of either their passport, a payslip or their P60.

Validating codes

Over the next few weeks, OCC will be granting approved providers permission to validate 30 hours codes through the Provider Portal. Please look out for messages in the provider portal which will give you more information on this process.

Until that time, providers can call the early education funding team in order to validate codes over the telephone (please see this flowchart (pdf format, 235Kb) which illustrates this). If you do not currently offer early education funding places but would like to become an approved provider, please see our webpage for more information

In order to validate a 30 hours code, providers will need the following information

  • 30 hour code (11 digits)
  • Parent’s National Insurance Number
  • Child’s name and date of birth

Please remember that eligible parents are entitled to up to 30 hours funding per week. Some parents may want to split the funding between providers, particularly if their preferred provider can only accommodate a proportion of the funded hours. Providers will still need to validate codes in these circumstance to make sure that the parent is not claiming for more than their entitlement. We intend to send out updated parent agreements for the autumn term by the end of June so that parents can declare whether they are entitled to receive the extended funding and whether they are splitting it between providers before the end of term.

For more information on the 30 hours funding, including frequently asked questions, please see our 30 hours webpage.

***If you are a Local authority school (not academy) with a nursery class, you will be able to use the provider portal to validate codes. If you have not done so already, please complete the user request form (doc format,105Kb) so that we can give you access to the 30 hours code validation checks through the provider portal. If you already have access to the provider portal, you do not need to complete this form. You’ll be sent details of how to use the portal once we have set up the user accounts. Until that time, you can call the early education funding team in order to have the code validated over the telephone.

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