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FAQs from Service Operators

Frequently asked questions from the operators of our school transport

The badging process often takes a long time, are you able to speed this up?

We have recently put in a series of measures to improve the process including being able to book safeguarding training without having to wait for the DBS application to be cleared.  Providers have been notified guidance documentation.  Please contact transport.safeguarding@Oxfordshire.gov.uk if you have not received this.

The process of suspending badges while an allegation is investigated has caused a lot of drivers to refuse OCC work. As a provider we still have to still pay driver/PA during suspension.

Self-employed drivers worried about loss of earnings can consult citizens advice or the Taxi Association.

It should be noted that licenses are only revoked following very serious matters or combined offences.

Who is checking Service Providers have got the correct badges?

Schools and other bases have been given advice on what badges to look for and contact numbers for Transport Hub if they need to query this.  OCC officers also spot check bases to ensure that providers are using correctly badged personnel.

How long before renewal do you apply? 

Renewals can only be made three months in advance of their expiry date. The DBS team will not accept any renewals that have more than three months left on a badge.

It is often difficult to get new drivers due to the length of time between getting DBS back and starting application/training. Are there any extra training sessions available?

I organised extra training sessions in the Easter holidays, and ended up having to cancel two sessions as there was not the demand for them. There is no backlog on training at all currently, so there should not be any problems booking training – there are options for venues, and they need to look at all option before assuming there isn’t a course. New venue dependant on ICT equipment which we are still waiting on an update for, not currently booking extra sessions as there is not the demand for them. New process in DBS – do not need to do training first, they can do it either way round. Do not need to take training certificate to DBS appointment.

Is there a disability awareness course?

There are currently no plans to introduce disability awareness as part of, or separate to, safeguard training.

How long does it take to investigate an alleged incident?

The Safeguarding QM Team have reviewed their processes and turnaround of investigations has decreased.  They aim to take 10 working days to complete but this is subject to exceptional circumstances or if Police are involved.

How are invoices processed, and how do we contact the finance team?

Hampshire Invoices are processed on a first come first served basis.  Once preliminary checks are made and only when invoice is correct we will authorise and send to Hampshire for payment where they are paid according to contracted payment terms.

Providers are still calling on individual private numbers which causes them frustration when not answered during times of leave. To help avoid this situation please call  Finance Team telephone number:  01865 815610 or email schooltransport.finance@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Who do we contact In the transport hub?

Area Number Email
Mainstream School Transport 01865 323500 mainstream.schooltransport@oxfordshire.gov.uk
School and Social Care Transport 01865 323490 EE-SocialCareITU@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Special Educational Needs Transport 01865 323795  
Comet 01865 323201 comet@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Finance 01865 815610 schooltransport.finance@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Complaints 01865 323500 qmcc@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Driver Barring Service and Badging (DBS) 0330 024 0022 transport.safeguarding@oxfordshire.gov.uk


Can be difficult to reach you especially early in the morning or Friday at 4pm. How do we contact you? 

Hopefully the information above should help in you contacting the Transport team; the offices are closed from 4pm on a Friday. If you have an urgent issue, please send an email as some staff will be checking emails in an emergency contact EDT.

The TVP system is difficult to use, are you able to make changes to make it more user friendly?

The purpose of listing these concerns is to reflect the reoccurring issues shared by all our Service Providers.  We cannot make any changes to the way we currently procure via the TVP Portal however these issues will be reviewed as part of the assessment on how we procure transport post 2019.      

Last reviewed
02 May 2017
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