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Fostering for adoption

Ensuring that more young children are placed with their potential permanent carers sooner.

Fostering for adoption is fostering babies and toddlers who are likely to need adoption, but who still have a chance of being reunited with their birth family.

This type of adoption protects the child by giving them consistent, uninterrupted care as soon as possible while detailed assessments are undertaken of the birth and wider family. It reduces the number of moves a child makes and helps them to establish positive attachments at a very young age.

Dual approval - concurrent planning

A concurrent carer has dual approval for both fostering and adoption.

Concurrent placements are for babies where the child is placed, usually at birth or very early on, with a concurrent carers, while the court makes a decision about the child's future.

The placement is on a fostering basis while the child's parents and sometimes other family members are assessed to see whether the child can return to them. If this is not possible, at the end of care proceedings the child will go on to be adopted by their concurrent carers who become the legal parents.

Not suitable for all

Concurrent placements are not suitable for all children. We consider it where we believe there is a strong likelihood that a child will go on to be adopted, although we can't be 100 per cent sure.

To be a concurrent carer you need to be resourceful and emotionally mature, able to put the needs of babies and young children first, and respect and work with a child’s birth family in the early months.

Older children

Children over two years may also be considered for a fostering for adoption placement where we have already made a clear plan for adoption. This will depend on the individual circumstances of the child. The child would be placed with carers who are approved as both foster carers and adopters and the placement would begin on a fostering basis.

Interested ?

If you are interested in this type of adoption do ask about it when you make your first enquiry or at any stage when you are being assessed. There is a specific preparation training day relating to fostering for adoption.

Last reviewed
24 May 2016
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