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How to dispose of a farm animal carcass

Guidance on the disposal of animal by-products and fallen stock/carcasses.

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Disposal, collection and transportation

Animal by-products must be collected, identified and disposed of without undue delay, in order to prevent risks arising to public and animal health. Animal by-products must be identified in accordance with the The Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2013

  • Animal by-products must be transported in sealed new packaging, or covered leak-proof containers or vehicles.
  • Category 2 material must be labelled 'not for animal consumption' (with limited exceptions).


Anyone consigning an animal by-product must keep a record of each consignment and must ensure a commercial documentation accompanies it during its transport. These records/documents must both contain the:

  • name and address of origin
  • name and address of transporter
  • name and address of destination
  • quantity and description
  • date of transport
  • signature of person responsible and name printed.

A commercial document should be produced in triplicate, so the consigner, transported and destination premises all have a copy. It should be signed by the person responsible for producing it (usually either the consignor or transporter). 

Commercial documents and all records relating to animal by-products must be retained for at least two years and produced on demand to an inspector.

You must ensure all by-products are covered/contained whilst awaiting collection/disposal to prevent animals/birds gaining access.

Businesses that collect and or receive animal by-products for disposal

Fallen stock collectors

We recommend that commercial livestock keepers register with the
National Fallen Stock Scheme.
Tel: 0845 054 8888

Alternatively livestock keepers may dispose of their dead stock by using a fallen stock collector or by taking it to a premise approved to receive animal by-products.

ABP collectors who operate in Oxfordshire include

Berks & Bucks Draghounds (Lambourne, West Berks)   
Tel: 01488 71432

Bicester with Whaddon Hunt**(Stratton Audley, Oxon)
Mobile: 07801 759414 (Mr Paul Martin)

A L Courtenay**(Toddington, Beds)
Tel: 01525 873592
Mobile: 07973 168827
Mobile: 07973 168828

Farm Management Services**(Hungerford, West Berks)
Tel: 01488 668636
Mobile: 07770 331600

Goodmans Incineration** (Ettington, Warks)
Tel: 01789 740240

C Bowness (Longdon, Glos)
Tel: 01684 833589

Heythrop Hunt**(Chipping Norton, Oxon)
Tel: 01608 642552

Major Farm Services**(Blackthorn, Oxon)
Tel: 01869 246593
Mobile: 07702 507330

T Newman(Padbury, Buckingham)
Mobile: 07764 194780

Old Berkshire Hunt**(Faringdon, Oxon)
Tel: 01367 240153

J Passey & Son (Newbury)**(Newbury, West Berks)
Tel: 01635 40327
Mobile: 07769 687070

K Passey(Benson, Oxon)
Tel: 01491 838239
Mobile: 07774 943959

P S Stevens(Aldershot, Hants)
Tel: 01252 345878
Mobile: 07789 981808

** Indicates business that also receive animal by-products

The following business does not routinely operate in Oxfordshire but will receive fallen stock that is delivered to them by the livestock keeper.

The Vale of the White Horse Hunt(Meysey Hampton, Glos)
Tel: 01285 851232

Former food stuffs collectors who operate in Oxfordshire

RW & BA Brickell(Faringdon, Oxon)
Tel: 01367 240182
Mobile: 07774 869721

Grundon Waste Management (Clinical Department)
Tel: 01753 686777

You are advised to check with the business/haulier selected that they can take the species and category of carcass/animal by-product (ABP) that you need to dispose of.

A list of approved processing plants can be found on the DEFRA website or a hard copy can be obtained from this Oxfordshire Trading Standards.  Some of the approved processing plants will also arrange collection.

Animal by-products collectors and businesses

If you want your details added to this list or existing details amended or removed please contact us.

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04 July 2017

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