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Minerals sites

Information about the identification of potential future minerals development sites

The Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 2 - Site Allocations Document will identify specific sites for mineral working and other minerals development for the period to 2031, and will set out detailed policies for management of development of those sites. It will follow on from Part 1 of the Plan - the Core Strategy.

Work is not currently being progressed on the Site Allocations Document. A timetable for preparation of this plan document is in the Minerals and Waste Development Scheme 2016. This shows preparation commencing in June 2016 and the document being adopted in April 2019, but this timetable will need to be revised due to a delay in the examination of the Core Strategy.

Site selection methodology

This was published in 2006, and sets out a possible assessment process for identifying sites to be included in the Sites Allocations Document.

This assessment methodology for minerals sites will be reviewed when work is resumed on the Site Allocation Document, taking into account latest government policy and guidance, as well as feedback from previous consultations. It is included here for information only.

Issues and options - consultation on minerals sites

We now propose to prepare a combined minerals and waste site allocations document.

In April 2007 we published an initial long list of possible sites for mineral development for consultation in the Minerals Sites Proposals and Policies: Issues and Options paper. The document also identified possible areas of potential aggregate extraction, sites for secondary and recycled aggregate production and potential rail depots.

We sought information about these sites to help in assessing their suitability for development. We also wanted to hear about any other site options there may be.The comments we received on the consultation paper will be taken into account when we continue work on preparing this document.

Site options

We invited industry, landowners and other interested parties to nominate sites to be considered for inclusion in the minerals sites document, by 30 January 2009 but in view of work on the site allocations document being put on hold we have continued to accept nominations. Some nominated sites have since been withdrawn or have been superseded by planning permission being granted.

The list of nominated sites and location maps below has been revised to include only currently extant nominations. 

At this stage all sites listed are possible options, not proposals, and will be the subject of more detailed assessment in due course.

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Sand and gravel nominations

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Soft sand nominations

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Crushed rock nominations

Site nomination forms

We asked for site nominations to be submitted by January 2009, but we continue to accept nominations after that date. Anyone considering making a further site nomination should speak first to the Minerals and Waste Policy Team.

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22 September 2017
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