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Reducing your mileage

Find out how options such as planning a journey can help you reduce your mileage

Reduce mileage by replacing all or part of a journey that would usually be made by car.  This can be achieved through actions such as planning journeys in advance.  For example, for work, arrange meetings in the same location on the same day to avoid extra trips being generated. It will also help avoid you getting lost!

Where possible, try to work out the most efficient route between multiple visits, so you are not undertaking extra mileage because of the order of the sites you have visited.

If you know of other people travelling to the same location as yourself, for example if you’re attending the same meeting / office, leisure venue, or shop then suggest that you both car share rather than travel separately. If you have a regular meeting or event which you attend by car, register that journey on the Oxfordshire Liftshare website to see if there are others making the same trip, or if you know you’ll be doing a one-off long trip by car it’s also worth registering this kind of journey on the site.

Use public transport where it is practical.  Journey planners like Transport Direct and Traveline can provide information on all the different options available for the journey, along with information on the length of time the journey would be likely to take by different modes, including by car. It is also worth noting that particularly for longer journeys, public transport will often be more time efficient, since you can do some work whilst travelling, which you couldn’t if driving.

Last reviewed
20 November 2015
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