Rewley Road fire station

Rewley Road fire station

General information, map, postal address and quarterly performance update.

Area City
Full Time and On Call 24 hour crewed and part time
Drill night Tuesday
Station Manager Mike Adcock
On Call officer in charge  
Appliances Three rescue engines, Hydraulic platform, Environmental Protection Unit

Stay safe on the waterways this summer

Think about fire safety when enjoying Oxfordshire’s waterways this summer.

Narrowboats on a canal

With so much water around, there can be a tendency to think that there is a reduced risk of fire.  In fact, fires on boats can spread quickly and as boats are often in remote locations, it can take firefighters longer to arrive at an incident.

Smoke alarms can make a real difference to the outcome of fires on boats.  We want all boat users to be aware of the risks and want to see suitable smoke alarms installed in all boats with overnight accommodation.

You can’t see, feel or smell carbon monoxide but it can be fatal if you breathe it in. In an enclosed space like a boat carbon monoxide can build up to dangerous levels quickly. Fit a carbon monoxide (CO) detector - check it is suitable for marine use

For further boat safety advice visit

The Firefighters Charity logo

Two on call firefighters

Would you like to join the team?

If you live or work close to a station and are interested, or would just like to find out more, please come along to your local station, without obligation, on the evening of their drill night.

Find out more about being an On Call firefighter.

Get a taste of fire fighting

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service is holding a number of “taster days” for people who are interested in becoming an on call fire fighter during June.

Find out more...

Station update - March 2015

Rewley Road fire crews continue to be very busy undertaking prevention, protection and operational response work, at a recent incident two fire engines from Rewley Road fire station along with nine firefighters attended a serious fire in Headington Oxford, below is a photo showing how the fire spread from an uncontrolled fire outside into flats above.

Fire damaged flat

This fire was also attended by crews from the Slade and Kidlington fire stations.

The properties had working smoke alarms that alerted the residence to the fire allowing them to escape serious injury.

Rewley road is actively recruiting On Call firefighters to be contracted for all hours of the day, week and weekend. Any interested people should come along to Rewley Road Fire Station on a Tuesday evening at 7pm and speak to Station Manager Mike Adcock who will be able to discuss being an On Call firefighter and the personal and community benefits the job can bring.

Rewley Road’s On Call crew firefighters

Rewley Road’s On Call firefighters with Watch Manager Ricky Thomas from white watch Rewley Road preparing for a training session.

Being on call

On call firefighters have to live or work within about five minutes of their local fire station in order to respond to call outs quickly. They are called out on average two or three times a week but the commitment varies around the country and between different fire stations.

For firefighters, saving lives and protecting communities is all in a day's work. But whilst the majority of firefighters are full-time employees of the Fire and Rescue Service, an additional 60% of our fire crews have jobs elsewhere and are 'On Call' with their local fire station.

On call firefighters provide emergency cover to over 90% of the UK. There are over 14,000 on call firefighters in England, protecting our small towns and rural communities and they are responsible for operating 60% of all fire engines and just like full-time firefighters, are trained to deal with everything from extinguishing burning buildings to providing first aid.

On call firefighters make up an invaluable part of the team, heading to their fire station only when needed in an emergency.

New firefighters for Rewley Road

Our most recent new recruit, development firefighter William Tew has passed his basic firefighting course at our training centre in Didcot and is now an operational firefighter at Rewley Road.

We are also delighted to report that we have two new people that have passed the following selection tests to become an On Call firefighter.

Fitness test – this is a step test
Psychometric tests – these are to test a basis educational level 
Praticals test – based on a role of a firefighter

Rachel Clarke and Paul Busby will soon be starting their basic training course at our training centre,  before joining the On Call crew at Rewley Road, where they will become team members of a great group of individuals available to help the community in their moment of need.



Rewley Road fire station
Rewley Road
OX1 2EH Oxford

How have our prevention activities helped to reduce fires in the Rewley Road area?

There were 29 property fires, we didn’t want any more than 75.

There were nine fires in people’s homes, we didn’t want any more than 15. Al of these homes had smoke alarms working.

Fortunately, nobody has died as a result of a fire in their home.

Countywide performance April to December 2014

What have we done to help prevent fires?

1,394 fire risk checks have been carried out in people’s homes. 89% of these checks were carried out for vulnerable people

1,170 smoke alarms were installed in people’s homes

There have been 23 successful fire setter intervention cases

A safer place to live

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to making Oxfordshire a safer place to live, work and visit.

Our 365alive website is full of great advice and safety tips.

Complete a home fire risk check

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is encouraging residents to make sure they are fully aware of the fire hazards which commonly exist throughout the home, how to identify them and what to do should a fire occur, by completing a quick online home fire risk check.





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