Rewley Road fire station

Rewley Road fire station

General information, map, postal address and quarterly performance update.

Area City
Full Time and On Call 24 hour crewed and part time
Drill night Tuesday
Station Manager Darran Hookway
Appliances Three rescue engines, Hydraulic platform

A firefighter

Would you like to join the team?

You could receive over £7000 worth of free training that will prepare you to protect and save lives in your community. 

If you are interested please look at the recruitment website or call into your local station on drill night.

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Station update - October 2015

This month has been a busy one for Rewley Road Fire Station and the five fire crews that work here, the crews have been hard at work training for the various types of incidents that they could attend.

Managers and firefighters at the station have also been hard at work ensuring that their knowledge and understanding of the latest procedures involving incidents in domestic dwellings, radioactive materials and corrosive substances are understood.  

Making cycling safer in the city

On the 16 October Red Watch assisted the road safety team, construction company Earthline and Thames Valley Police at an event designed to make Oxfordshire’s roads safer for cyclists.

The event was held to raise awareness about cycle safety and included the opportunity to sit in the cab of an Earthline HGV and view what a lorry driver can actually see.

Mick Clarke Road Safety Manager for Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service said: “One way of reducing the risk of cyclists being killed or seriously injured is to ensure that the cyclist has a better understanding of the limited view available to the driver of a HGV. The most important advice we can give is for cyclists to avoid going down the nearside of larger vehicles. If a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) moves to the right of the road, unlike cars, it's not because the driver is planning to turn right, it's likely to be that the HGV is actually turning LEFT and needs more room to negotiate the turn - particularly in tight, built up areas.

Even with the additional scanners and mirrors that Earthline have on their large vehicles, there are STILL places on the road that the driver cannot see someone, the 'blind spots'. We are helping Earthline arrange events where cyclists (or anyone interested) can sit in the cab of an HGV and see all the various 'blind spots' - so they can avoid placing themselves there in future.

With the Olympic legacy, Tour de France in the UK, and a constant push on greener transport, we are dealing with a greater than ever number of cyclists on our roads, and particularly in cities like Oxford. With a complex road system, and tight medieval streets, Oxford is a very challenging place to use the roads, however, despite a continuing, long term downward casualty trend for almost all road users, cyclists continue to buck that. Cyclist road casualties remain unchanged from the high level in 2014."

Between 01/07/2012 and 30/06/2015 almost 50% of all road casualties in Oxford city area involved a cyclist.

There were a total of 600 pedal cycles (around 50% of all vehicles) involved in an accident in Oxford city during this time.

Lorry cab and three men

Tom Reddy, Driver Training Manager at Earthline Ltd said: “As both a lorry driver, a keen cyclist, and a qualified instructor in both, I am able to see things from both sides, and I would like to promote, as best I can, an attitude of teamwork between drivers of heavy vehicles and those vulnerable road users that seem to come into conflict with each other, most often, I feel, through a lack of mutual understanding and nothing more.

If we can promote this understanding, develop a respect, and help it move both ways, then we can work towards a safer city for all of us using the roads. By developing these free events; giving cyclists and the general public an opportunity to see things from a lorry driver’s perspective, we can equip them with the knowledge to help them stay safe on our roads, and also show them that we are here to help as best we can”.


Rewley Road fire station
Rewley Road
OX1 2EH Oxford

Stay safe and warm

A roaring fire may be a welcoming site on a cold day but only if it is contained within the grate where it should be.

Fire place with burning logs

Don’t overload your fire place, make sure embers are under control and put out properly before you go out or to bed and use a British Standard fire guard to prevent sparks escaping.

Top tips to keep you safe and warm this winter.

How have our prevention activities helped to reduce fires in the Rewley Road area?

There were 29 property fires, we didn’t want any more than 75.

There were nine fires in people’s homes, we didn’t want any more than 15. Al of these homes had smoke alarms working.

Fortunately, nobody has died as a result of a fire in their home.

Countywide performance April to June 2015

What have we done to help prevent fires?

443 fire risk checks have been carried out in people’s homes. 90% of these checks were carried out for vulnerable people

284 smoke alarms were installed in people’s homes

There have been four successful fire setter intervention cases

A safer place to live

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to making Oxfordshire a safer place to live, work and visit.

Our 365alive website is full of great advice and safety tips.

Complete a home fire risk check

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is encouraging residents to make sure they are fully aware of the fire hazards which commonly exist throughout the home, how to identify them and what to do should a fire occur, by completing a quick online home fire risk check.





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