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Policy for Highway Asset Maintenance

Effective asset maintenance is one of the key factors to creating ‘A Thriving Oxfordshire’

Oxfordshire County Council considers effective asset management to be one of the key factors to creating ‘A Thriving Oxfordshire’ and enable the delivery of the corporate priorities, namely:

  • Building a world-class economy
  • Supporting healthy and thriving communities
  • Enhancing the environment

Highway Asset Management is widely accepted as a means to deliver a more efficient and effective approach to the infrastructure assets through longer term planning. This is essential, as a good transport network is vital to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Oxfordshire.  The roads provide access to jobs, services, schools, allow for the delivery of goods to shops and make the most of our free time and leisure activities.  Our local roads have a key role to play in ensuring that transport in Oxfordshire delivers the services our residents need and provide local character.  In order that the transport network meets this need, the council will:

  • Deliver efficient public services
  • Provide leadership and enabling partnership working

Oxfordshire’s policy on Asset Management will meet the following aims and objectives:

  1. Keep Oxfordshire Moving

To provide a safe, well managed, maintained and more resilient highway network for all who use it.We will make every effort to understand current and future requirements for the highway infrastructure and its contribution to creating a world class economy.In order to deliver this, we will continue to understand our stakeholders needs, promote levels of service and maintenance priorities for our highways.(Our adoption of an Asset Management approach will take a long term view in making informed maintenance and investment decisions).

  1. Improve the safety and condition of local roads, footways and cycleways, including resilience to climate change.

We will improve and maintain the condition of roads and highway related assets with systematic prioritisation where there are safety related issues, premium bus routes and high pedestrian and cycle usage whilst still maintaining the network as a whole.We will maintain the drainage and associated structures to prevent flooding on and from the highway network.

  1. Provide a sustainable approach

We will make the best use of our natural mineral resources, making sure that we plan for Oxfordshire’s long term minerals need whilst minimising waste going to landfill.We will invest in energy reducing technology for street lighting and associated electrical apparatus.

Links to more information

Highway Asset Maintenance Manual

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Last reviewed
02 December 2015
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