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How to dispose of a farm animal carcass

Guidance on the disposal of animal by-products and fallen stock/carcasses.

A cow

Disposal, collection and transportation

Animal by-products must be collected, identified and disposed of without undue delay, in order to prevent risks arising to public and animal health. Animal by-products must be identified in accordance with the The Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2013

  • Animal by-products must be transported in sealed new packaging, or covered leak-proof containers or vehicles.
  • Category 2 material must be labelled 'not for animal consumption' (with limited exceptions).


Anyone consigning an animal by-product must keep a record of each consignment and must ensure a commercial documentation accompanies it during its transport. These records/documents must both contain the:

  • name and address of origin
  • name and address of transporter
  • name and address of destination
  • quantity and description
  • date of transport
  • signature of person responsible and name printed.

A commercial document should be produced in triplicate, so the consigner, transported and destination premises all have a copy. It should be signed by the person responsible for producing it (usually either the consignor or transporter). 

Commercial documents and all records relating to animal by-products must be retained for at least two years and produced on demand to an inspector.

You must ensure all by-products are covered/contained whilst awaiting collection/disposal to prevent animals/birds gaining access.

Guidance for disposal of former foodstuffs and animal by-products

Guidance for reporting and recording cattle deaths


Last reviewed
14 December 2017

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