A transport service for disabled and mobility-impaired people.

Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride is a door-to-door service for those who are mobility impaired and are unable to use, or do not have access to, conventional public transport.  The drivers of the vehicles are trained to assist passengers with impaired mobility.

Update on Dial-a Ride Service:

Following a reduction in the amount of money the county council gets from Government, after 31 March 2016 Oxfordshire County Council will no longer be able to afford to fund Dial-a-Ride as a council provided service.

We do understand the importance of Dial-a-Ride so we are working with community transport groups across the county to support them as they consider starting their own ‘Community Dial-a-Ride’ schemes.

There are more than 60 local community transport schemes in Oxfordshire with 1,300 volunteers providing 25,000 journeys each year. These schemes provide safe, accessible, cost-effective and flexible transport to people who can't drive or access public transport.

To find out more about your local community-run transport service please visit Community First Oxfordshire or call 01865 883488

Oxford City Dial-a-Ride

In Oxford City, the award winning charity ‘Aspire’ will continue to deliver a Dial-a-Ride service until April 2017, independent of the County Council.  Aspire is also working to find ways to continue the service after April 2017.

Aspire will continue to provide the service at exactly the same cost and in exactly the same way as it has done in the past. 

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Who can use Oxford City Dial-a-Ride

Before you can use Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride you must register to become a member of the scheme.

  • You must be a resident in Oxford City district
  • You must be unable to use, or find it difficult to use, conventional public transport
  • You do not have access to alternative transport

And you have any of these problems below that prevent you rom using public transport:

  • mobility difficulties
  • visual difficulties
  • severe learning difficulties (provided the person can travel on their own or is provided with an escort throughout the journey)
  • age-related frailty
  • other significant difficulties in using conventional public transport

Escorts and guides can also travel with a registered user.

You will not be eligible to use the service if you have private transport.

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What sort of journeys should Oxford City Dial-a-Ride be used for?

The service is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm

  • Trips eg market days, out of town supermarkets

They should not be used for going to a hospital appointment or a day care centre for which other transport arrangements are available.

Please contact Oxfordshire Travel and Information Line on 0845 310 1111(option 5) or Community First on 01865 883488.

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Registering for the service

Before you can use Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride you must register to become a member of the scheme. Annual membership costs £5 which lasts until 31 March 2017 from whenever you register.

If you are eligible, you can register for the service by:

​Send it to Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride, PO Box 842 , Oxford OX1 9GX with a cheque or postal order for £5 subscription fee

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Making a booking

Once you are registered, to make a booking you will need to call the booking line 0845 310 1111 seven days before your intended date of travel. For example, Monday for the following Monday, Tuesday for the following Tuesday etc.

In most cases we will be able to confirm your booking when you make the call.

If we are unable to confirm your request when you make the booking, we will call you back whether to confirm the booking or advise that we cannot meet your request. This will be done at least two days before the day of travel.

If you wish to book a journey at the same time as registering, bookings can only be confirmed when payment of the membership fee has been received.

Travel request bookings can be taken no earlier than seven days before the journey to ensure fairness to all users

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Mobility scooters

The Oxford City Dial-a-Ride vehicles are all equipped to correctly and safely transport passengers with the smaller ‘pavement’ category of scooter.  Drivers have been properly trained to secure the load as required.

Due to physical limitations of the vehicles, the larger, ‘road-going’ versions cannot, unfortunately, be accommodated.

If you have a query about travelling with a scooter, please contact us for further information and advice on 0845 310 1111.

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Additional frequently asked questions

Can I book to go to a GP appointment?

Yes. The Oxford City Dial-a-Ride service can be used to attend GP, health centre or other clinic-type appointments.  However, we cannot guarantee the drop off time as this is an estimated time.

Can I travel with my dog?

Yes. Dogs can be carried, and free of charge, providing they are well behaved, and are not of such a size that they deny another passenger a seat or access to their seat.

What happens if I need an escort or carer to travel with me?

If any member needs assistance to travel they are entitled to bring an escort who does not need to be a registered member and will be allowed to travel free of charge. Please advise us at the point of booking your journey and we will book your escort to travel with you.

Can the driver pick my neighbour up to do the same journey as me, if he/she hasn’t booked?

No. No-one will be allowed to travel who has not pre-booked, regardless of availability on the vehicle.

Can I book for an evening journey?

No. The Oxford City Dial-a-Ride service does not operate in the evenings, only between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

Why do you say you are fully booked when sometimes I am the only person on the bus?

Whilst it has to be acknowledged that the seats on the bus are not always full, this is due to the fact that the schedule needs to allow for a number of customers to be collected and dropped off at different locations. A full schedule does not necessarily mean that all these customers will be on the bus at the same time. Consequently at any time there may well be empty seats on the bus.

Can I get a refund?

The cost of membership is £5 per year. This covers some of the costs of registering membership and administering the service. Requests for refund will not be considered. It is recommended that anyone considering joining the scheme, satisfy themselves in advance that it will meet their needs. If in any doubt, please contact us to discuss.

Can I take my shopping trolley on the bus?

Within reason, providing the trolley does not cause an obstruction or inconvenience customers, then we are happy for you to bring your shopping trolley.

Can I take my mobility scooter?

I travel to the shops the same day of the week every week. Can I book up in advance?

Yes you can. We have a system of block bookings that run for three months at a time. Please ask for more information when booking.

More information

If you need more information about the scheme, email oxdar@oxfordshire.gov.uk. For information about transport services in the county, contact the Oxfordshire Travel Line.

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01 April 2016
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