A transport service for disabled and mobility-impaired people.

Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride is a door-to-door service for those who are mobility impaired and are unable to use, or do not have access to, conventional public transport.  The drivers of the vehicles are trained to assist passengers with impaired mobility.

The service, operated by our Integrated Transport Service between 9am to 5pm, has to be booked in advance.

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Who can use Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride

Before you can use Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride you must register to become a member of the scheme.

  • You must be resident in Oxfordshire
  • You must be unable to use, or find it difficult to use, conventional public transport
  • You do not have access to alternative transport
  • You have mobility difficulties
  • You have visual difficulties
  • You have severe learning difficulties (provided the person can travel on their own or is provided with an escort throughout the journey)
  • You have age-related frailty or other significant difficulties in using conventional public transport

Escorts and guides can also travel with a registered user.

You will not be eligible to use the service if you have private transport.

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What sort of journeys should Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride be used for?

The service is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm

  • Attending appointments eg dentist, chiropodist, hairdresser but not hospital appointments
  • Trips eg market days
  • To visit friends and family
  • Days out

They should not be used for going to a hospital appointment or a day care centre for which other transport arrangements are available.

Please contact Oxfordshire Travel and Information Line on 0845 310 1111(option 5).

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Registering for the service

Before you can use Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride you must register to become a member of the scheme. Annual membership costs £5 and there is a flat fee per journey. Travel is free for concessionary pass holders but the annual membership fee still applies.

If you are eligible, you can register for the service by:

  • Telephoning 0845 310 1111 and requesting an application form
  • Downloading, printing and completing this membership form (pdf format, 168KB) [1] and sending it to Oxfordshire Dial-a-Ride, PO Box 842 , Oxford OX1 9GX with a cheque or postal order for £5

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If you are a concessionary pass holder

If you are a concessionary pass holder you can travel free.

You will need to provide your concessionary pass number on the application form and this will be checked against our records. You will also be required to carry and show your pass when you travel.

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Making a booking

Once you are registered, to make a booking you will need to call the booking line 0845 310 1111 seven days before your intended date of travel. Eg Monday for the following Monday, Tuesday for the following Tuesday, Wednesday for the following Wednesday, Thursday for the following Thursday and Friday for the following Friday.

In most cases we will be able to confirm your booking when you make the call.

If we are unable to confirm your request when you make the booking, we will call you back whether to confirm the booking or advise that we cannot meet your request. This will be done at least two days before the day of travel.

If you wish to book a journey at the same time as registering, bookings can only be confirmed when payment of the membership fee has been received.

Travel request bookings can be taken no earlier than seven days before the journey to ensure fairness to all users.

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Advance group booking

Forward booking will now be accepted from pre-registered groups of members wishing to travel from and to a common location.

To enable this aspect of the service to be delivered certain terms and conditions will apply. These conditions will allow the delivery of this additional service to be provided for, in addition to the regular service, but using the same resources, and will relieve a significant level of demand for other eligible members who wish access the Dial-a-Ride service.

  1. All those being booked within a group must be pre-registered members. If any are found not to be, the request for the group will be refused.
  2. All arrangements, bookings and amendments must be made in advance and in writing.
  3. All booking arrangements will be confirmed by the transport operator, in writing. Changes may be confirmed by telephone by agreement.
  4. The group will nominate one individual to manage bookings and any changes to the arrangement. The nominated individual does not need to be a travelling member of the group, or a registered member of the Dial-a-Ride service.
  5. The representative may, in the event of absence, illness or other incapacity nominate a second to act for them.
  6. The group MUST be travelling from the SAME locale (within ½ - ¾ mile ) and to the SAME destination, and at the SAME time ( allowing for collections ). Decisions concerning the eligibility of the collection area will be determined by the transport provider, and will not be negotiated, nor will discussions around this decision be entered into.
  7. Bookings will ONLY be accepted for travel between 1030 (earliest pick-up) and 1400 (latest collection)
  8. Unless as a result of unforeseen circumstances, any amendments, changes or cancellations must be notified a minimum of 1 week prior to the date of the journey affected by such changes.
  9. Fees will be charged at the discretion of the transport provider for cancellation without notice or failure to travel as booked. ( charged at £4 per person)  ALL passengers, whether or not they are Concessionary Fares pass holders will be liable for this fee. The transport provider reserves the right to refuse further travel of an individual, or group, if charges remain unpaid. Correspondence will be directed to the nominated representative.
  10. The operator reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions as it sees necessary and will communicate all such changes at the earliest  possible opportunity with the registered groups.

If you would like to apply for this facility please download the application form (pdf format, 89Kb) or call us and we will post an application out to you.

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Renewing membership

Once you are registered, we will contact you with a reminder four weeks prior to the anniversary of your registration. A renewal form with a request for payment of the annual fee will be sent to the registered address we have for you.

What routes will be covered in my area and when

Either enter your postcode and click "Go" to find your location on the map or left click on the map to display information for that point.

See below for details of services.

In all cases, the resource to provide these improvements to service has been made possible by a more flexible reassignment of service have been brought about by reassigning transport from areas where there was limited or no demand. We are still looking for ways to improve the service, and more flexible ways of meeting customers’ needs, so we welcome suggestions to assist us in doing this.

Select the district you live in, to see which areas are covered by the service:



Due to the extra funding provided by Cherwell District Council, additional service is being provided on these routes. There will be one bus providing service on Monday and Tuesday, and two buses available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Monday – General service subject to customer demand, offering journeys either within Cherwell District or to Oxford City or West Oxfordshire destinations.

Tuesday – General service.

Wednesday – Kidlington service to include Arncott, Begbroke, Bletchingdon, Charlton-on-Otmoor, Fencott and Murcott, Gosford and Water Eaton, Hampton Gay and Poyle, Horton-cum-Studley, Islip, Kidlington, Kirtlington, Noke, Oddington, Piddington, Shipton-on-Cherwell and Thrupp, Weston-on-the-Green, and Yarnton parishes, providing journeys to/from Kidlington.

Wednesday – Banbury service – within and to destinations in Banbury.

Thursday – Banbury service and South Banbury service to include Adderbury, Banbury, Barford St. John and St. Michael, Bloxham, Bodicote, Broughton, Deddington, Duns Tew, Epwell, Hook Norton, Milcombe, Milton, North Newington, Shutford, Sibford Ferris, Sibford Gower, South Newington, Swalcliffe, Tadmarton, Wigginton, providing journeys to/from Banbury.

Friday – Bicester service to include Ambrosden, Ardley, Bicester, Blackthorn, Bucknell, Caversfield, Chesterton, Cottisford, Finmere, Fringford, Fritwell, Godington, Hardwick-with-Tusmore, Hethe, Launton, Lower Heyford, Merton, Middle Aston, Middleton Stoney, Mixbury, Newton Purcell with Shelswell, North Aston, Somerton, Souldern, Steeple Aston, Stoke Lyne, Stratton Audley, Upper Heyford, and Wendlebury parishes, providing journeys to/from Bicester.

Friday – Banbury service – within and to destinations in Banbury.

Journeys will be available between collection points in the area to the destination designated for that day. 

Oxford City


All general service depending on customer demands and availability.

South Oxfordshire


All general service depending on customer demands and availability.

Journeys will be available between collection points in the area indicated to the destination designated for that day

Vale of White Horse


General service all week.

West Oxfordshire


General service all week.

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  • £2 single or £4 return for journeys within the same district
  • Other journeys are £3 single, £6 return – including journey to Oxford city centre.

Concessionary bus passes are accepted at all times and enable travellers to enjoy free travel for all journeys.

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Mobility scooters

The Dial-a-Ride vehicles are all equipped to correctly and safely transport passengers with the smaller ‘pavement’ category of scooter.  Drivers have been properly trained to secure the load as required.

Due to physical limitations of the vehicles, the larger, ‘road-going’ versions cannot, unfortunately, be accommodated.

If you have a query about travelling with a scooter, please contact us for further information and advice on 0845 310 1111.

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Additional frequently asked questions

Can I book to go to a GP appointment?

Yes. The Dial-a-Ride service can be used to attend GP, health centre or other clinic-type appointments.  However, we cannot guarantee the drop off time as this is an estimated time.

Can I travel with my dog?

Yes. Dogs can be carried, and free of charge, providing they are well behaved, and are not of such a size that they deny another passenger a seat or access to their seat.

Why don't you operate on the day I want to travel?

We have tried to devise a schedule that is as fair as possible, and the availability is dependent on the funding available. It is not therefore possible to provide service for all customers in all areas. In some cases we have had to make decisions that mean there is no service on certain days for customers in some areas, and whilst this is regrettable, we are constantly striving to improve our ability to meet the needs of our customers, and are happy to receive comments to help us in achieving this.

What happens if I need an escort or career to travel with me?

If any member needs assistance to travel they are entitled to bring an escort who does not need to be a registered member and will be allowed to travel free of charge. Please advise us at the point of booking your journey and we will book your escort to travel with you.

Can the driver pick my neighbour up to do the same journey as me, if he/she hasn’t booked?

No. No-one will be allowed to travel who has not pre-booked, regardless of availability on the vehicle.

Can I book for an evening journey?

No. The service does not operate in the evenings, only between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

Why do you say you are fully booked when sometimes I am the only person on the bus?

Whilst it has to be acknowledged that the seats on the bus are not always full, this is due to the fact that the schedule needs to allow for a number of customers to be collected and dropped off at different locations. A full schedule does not necessarily mean that all these customers will be on the bus at the same time. Consequently at any time there may well be empty seats on the bus.

Can I get a refund?

The cost of membership is £5 per year. This covers some of the costs of registering membership and administering the service. Requests for refund will not be considered. It is recommended that anyone considering joining the scheme, satisfy themselves in advance that it will meet their needs. If in any doubt, please contact us to discuss.

Can I take my shopping trolley on the bus?

Within reason, providing the trolley does not cause an obstruction or inconvenience customers, then we are happy for you to bring your shopping trolley.

Can I take my mobility scooter?

I travel to the shops the same day of the week every week. Can I book up in advance?

Yes you can, see advice on can I make repeat bookings.

My friends and I travel to the same shops every week. Can we book together?

Yes. For groups regularly travelling together, from the same locale to the same destination every week on the same day it is now possible to register for this in advance.

Why haven’t you made any changes to the Oxford City service?

The demand for the service within Oxford City is far in excess of the resource available to meet it. Whilst we have tried to be as fair as we can, to provide a service across the city, it is inevitable that some customers in the city have been disadvantaged as a result. We are constantly looking for ways to improve on this, and welcome comments from the public.

Some routes say ‘limited destination'. What does this mean?

In order to enable the service offered to be provided it has been deemed necessary to limit the number of drop off points. E.g. on a service to Oxford City this might be Westgate Centre / Bonn Square. If there are several passengers wishing to go to the same destination this will be taken into consideration also. 

More information

If you need more information about the scheme, email oxdar@oxfordshire.gov.uk. For information about transport services in the county, contact the Oxfordshire Travel Line.

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12 February 2015
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