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Animal feed stuffs

Trading Standards has a role to play in relation to feeding stuffs and agriculture.

Trading Standards ensures that animal feeding stuffs

  • are produced, sold, stored or supplied and used are safe and wholesome, produced under hygienic conditions
  • of a satisfactory quality and composition
  • not adulterated
  • suitably labelled and advertised
  • so as to protect the health of the public and animals and the rights/expectations of consumers.

Investigates cases of contaminated animal feeding stuffs and where possible identifying the source of contamination and prevent further spread.

We also

  • register and approve feeding stuffs premises

Feed business establishments (premises) that manufacture, market, distribute or use animal feeds, including feed additives must be either registered or approved with the local authority (Trading Standards Service)

Guidance on this, and the appropriate application form, are available from us.

  • carry out inspection, sampling and monitoring of premises and products
  • investigate complaints concerning feeding stuffs in line with our prioritisation policy
  • provide information and advice on matters relevant to animal feeding stuffs. 

What are the requirements for farms?

Most livestock farms and arable farms that grow, use or sell crops for use as animal feed will need to comply with the Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005) Guidance.

This requires that operators avoid hazards to ensure that feed produced and used is protected against contamination and spoilage. There are also certain record-keeping requirements that must be met. The majority of farms do not need to apply HACCP principles.

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17 October 2017
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