The LGPS for councillors

Information for eligible councillors

After 31 March 2014

After 31 March 2014 elected members were no longer permitted to join the LGPS.

Councillors, who were scheme members on 31 March 2014, could remain active members until the end of their current period in office. Membership had to end then even if re-elected.

A term of office ends on the fourth day after the ordinary day of election.

On leaving the LGPS you will have notice of your deferred benefit.

Register for My Oxfordshire Pension to see scheme documents and correspondence and to keep your expression of wish nomination current. Your annual statements will only be accessible from this site, unless you have registered to keep postal notifications.   

Frequently asked questions

How do I nominate who should receive any death grant?

This form allows you to register who or where you wish to receive any possible death grant payment.  The final payment is with the absolute discretion of the Oxfordshire Pension Fund.

What happens when I leave office?

Once you have left office, Pension Services will contact you about your deferred pension     

Deferred pensions

After you have left office, we will calculate your 'deferred pension benefit' an entitlement to a pension, but not necessarily an immediate payment.

We will issue a statement every year.  Please make sure you tell us when you change your address or you can keep your details up to date yourself using the My Oxfordshire Pension site.    

When can I take my pension?  

The earliest we can pay a pension on your request is age 55. Taking a pension early will mean it is reduced because it will be in payment for longer. You must provide Pension Services with three months written notice of your planned early payment date.  

Pensions must be in payment before your 75th birthday. 

Further information

If you have other questions about your pension please contact the Pension Services.