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Early years development tool

A useful management tool for recording, tracking and analysing early years development data.

The early years development tool (EYDT) has been designed for early education and childcare providers in Oxfordshire. The easy-to-use tool allows providers to monitor the development of individual children and groups.

Key features

  • It allows data to be entered up to four times per year for each Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) area of learning
  • Individual providers can choose how much or how little data is recorded and analysed.
  • Providers/Settings will have two tools to choose from.  One based on Development Matters and the other based on Birth to Five Matters.
  • Development Matters Option allows the users to enter data over the seven areas of learning and development
  • Birth to Five Matters Option allows the users to enter data over the seven areas of learning and development and then if required to the more specific aspects.
  • Each tool has the ability to enter data, review graphs, filter to groups, generate reports and produce an individual child report.
  • There is also an opportunity to monitor the children’s Wellbeing using the Leuven Scale of Wellbeing and Involvement.
  • If providers/settings have concerns over any of the children’s development there is also a page providing links and guidance for SEND. 

Annual package options available for settings and schools

Option Pre-schools, nurseries and childminders* Schools and nurseries attached to schools
A – Tool, guidance notes and email support £50 + VAT* (full price £80) £95 + VAT
B – As with Option A plus one on-site visit (max two hours) or online training £145 + VAT* (full price £175) £190 + VAT

*Subsidised cost for all Oxfordshire day nurseries, pre-schools and childminders. This does not include nursery classes in schools.

Download the development tool

To request a download of the development tool, please email info@eydt.co.uk. You should include the following information:

  • Provider name and Ofsted number
  • Provider type i.e. day nursery, pre-school, childminder, school
  • Telephone number
  • Which annual package option you wish to purchase
  • Which version of Excel you use
  • How many children you provide places for

This information is will be emailed to Marczak Assessment Solutions.

Marczak Assessment Solutions privacy notice (pdf format, 157 Kb)

Best practice for data protection and information sharing

When recording and storing information about children you must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Information Commissioner’s Office website on data protection principles gives helpful information.

As part of this you should ensure that the computer, or computers, on which you use the EYDT are secure and only accessible by authorised personnel. Read the Information Commissioner's Office website on security measures for details.

Before sharing information you record in the EYDT with other organisations make sure you have read guidance on sharing information from the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board.

Should you need to share sensitive information via email we recommend using a secure email service such as Egress Switch.

If you have a query that has not been answered please contact us.