Bidding for contracts

A list of current contracts and advice on how to bid for council services.

Advertisements will tell businesses how to bid. Normally, bidders are sent a pre-qualification questionnaire which has to be completed and returned by a specific date. The questionnaire allows us to assess potential bidders as suitable suppliers with the ability to satisfy the contract requirements.

Invitations to tender will be issued to suppliers assessed as being capable of satisfactorily fulfilling the contract as well as a range of other criteria.

Guidance and examples

Current contracts and opportunities

We display our current contracts and opportunities on the South East Centre of Excellence's (SECE) website.

Community right to challenge

The opportunity to express an interest in running a local authority service to better service local needs. Find out more.

Public procurement legislation

When we carry out any procurement of goods, services or works there are European, national and local regulations with which we must comply with.

These regulations are designed for ensuring fair open and transparent conditions of competition for all potential suppliers. Above certain thresholds of value we must advertise our requirements in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

EU procurement thresholds

Thresholds are net of VAT and are total contract value.

  Supplies and service contracts Works Light touch Regime (Annex XIV of the Procurement Regulations
Other public sector contracting authorities including local authorities £181,302 £4,551,413 £615,278

At levels below these thresholds we have our own Contract Procedure Rules governing procurement of goods, services and works which form part of our Constitution (Part 8.3)