Advocacy resources

Free eLearning to help professionals, links to information and support.

Independent advocacy

An independent advocate is a person who will assist people to understand information, express their needs and wishes, secure their rights, represent their interests and enable them to be fully involved in any of the following processes.

  • a needs assessment
  • a carer’s assessment
  • the preparation of a care and support or support plan
  • a review of a care and support or support plan
  • a safeguarding enquiry or a safeguarding adult review
  • an appeal against a local authority decision

An independent advocate will not make decisions for people but will support them in weighing up their options in order to help them make decisions.

Go to the independent advocacy web page.

Volunteer Independent Visiting and Advocacy (VIVA)

Volunteer Independent Visiting and Advocacy (VIVA) is an independent service, run by Oxfordshire County Council, providing children and young people with an independent visitor or advocate.

Go to the VIVA web page.

A guide for parents of children with special educational needs and disability (SEND) seeking support as part of the local offer.

Go to the Finding Someone to Speak for You web page.

Young people making decisions

Some young people may need help to express their views. An advocate or someone to speak for you may be able to help. Go to the Young people taking decisions web page.

Free eLearning course

This free eLearning course is for professionals to better understand advocacy

Course overview

Our key aim is that social workers and other professionals will routinely consider advocacy and make referrals to services for children and adults for those that need advocacy.

Course objectives

The purpose of this eLearning is to show professionals:

  • how advocacy helps people to have a voice and take part in decisions about their own lives
  • the range of advocacy services available
  • how to recognise when a person may benefit from advocacy
  • how advocacy improves people’s outcomes
  • who needs to be contacted for advocacy support and how to make a referral.

How to access the course

Oxfordshire County Council professionals should go to the intranet home page, select Learning, access the Learning Zone and search for 'Advocacy in Children’s and Adult’s Services: Giving People a Voice (E-Learning)'.

External professionals can find the course through the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board training section and searching for Raising awareness of advocacy. You will need to register and log into the system.